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6 questions about beauty bed soft sponge

1, what is the classification of beauty bed soft sponge?
Sponge in the industry differentiate is divided by density, foam density is KG/M3. Is the weight per cubic meter of sponge.
The commonly used sponge according to the structure is divided into high density sponge, sponge, sponge density in low density three.
The density of more than 45 for high density, density of 45~18 in low density density, density of <18.
2, various types of sponge?
High density sponge, Kong Duo, very full, high rebound, no deformation, no collapse; medium density and low density sponge density and elasticity, life not high density sponge.
3, the use of various types of sponge?
High density sponge, commonly used in high-end beauty bed roolls, plane and car car, high-grade sofa bag; in the sponge, commonly used in cheap beauty bed soft and other low seat filler package; low density sponge is usually used as a general protective material.
The life expectancy of 4, all kinds of sponge soft beauty bed?
A service life prediction, are based on years of experience in manufacturing and beauty bed line industry experience:
High density sponge beauty bed soft life expectancy > 5-10
Medium density sponge beauty bed soft life expectancy > 3-5
Low density sponge beauty bed soft life expectancy > 1-3
5, beauty bed roolls, what is the use of sponge?
High quality sponge, absorbing force, characteristics of delicate, soft and comfortable, in the automotive, furniture, toys, health care and other industries, can meet a variety of market demand, Guangzhou, beauty bed soft sponge using this type of sponge, guarantee a certain comfort but also ensure the bed deformation and high resilience
The other 6 human, beauty bed soft sponge design?
Our time from the customer experience, at the cost of R & D efficiency, more humane mattress. According to the female body, the design of the 2 thoracic and numerous concave points to improve the mattress comfort performance, when the customer accepts the SPA down massage service, can reduce the female or male heart of the chest oppression, bring no pressure fit and comfort.
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