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Beauty bed service life to 10 years is not a dream

If you want to use in the life of lasting beauty, we must first understand what factors will reduce the service life of beauty bed
Material: influence from wood, sponge pad, leather, paint and other materials to a screw, brush the quality will affect the service life of beauty bed.
Work: have a good material, also have good technology master craftsman, high-quality, patience, careful, attention to the spirit of the beauty bed quality and service life have a decisive role in the great.
The use of the environment: the use of the environment to the service life of beauty bed influences? yes。 Because of the characteristics of beauty bed material, is a choice of the environment, such as ash is not suitable in the environment is too dry, some material is not suitable too humid environment.
Paint: do not look at the surface of a layer of small paint is not important, in fact, it is like a layer of protective film like play a very important role, good paint can prevent moisture, prevent rusting iron wood aging.
Maintenance: maintenance of beauty bed service also plays a very important factor, especially the maintenance of the mattress.
Use: massage, beautician use will be on the beauty bed service plays a certain effect.
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