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Mirror box, mirror box and mirror

Since ancient Chinese according to appearance, long-term use of bronze mirror. Back to the bronze mirror of history, at least in the 4000 years before the Qijia culture period. The Shang Dynasty bronze mirror, has also been in the Yin Ruins in Anyang tombs unearthed, unearthed in the tomb of Fu Hao only four. In the Eastern Zhou Dynasty, bronze mirror manufacturing labor is becoming increasingly beautiful, use is quite common. After the Six Dynasties until the Sui and Tang Dynasties, song and Yuan Dynasty, the bronze mirror with the production and use of enduring. Almost to the glass mirror in the late Qing Dynasty, finally quit the stage of history. For the bronze mirror works beautifully, from daily utensils for people to cherish, to protect the mirror polish except Mingying, timely, must be carefully stored, naturally made specifically for the mirror storage apparatus. The mirror volume, divided by the hand, must also support the appliance, especially when combing the hair and facial makeup, hands must be operated at the same time, nature can no longer hand to hold the mirror, so the mirror is supporting appliances indispensable. Because of the above reasons, mirror box, mirror box and mirror mirror supporting objects such as storage mirror came into being, and they are like mirrors, is an indispensable tool in daily life of the ancients. At present, there are a number of bronze mirror unearthed in archaeological excavations, and appliances and mirror related storage or support has found, but as the exquisite decoration of bronze mirror system, excellent attention.
The pre Qin period to implement storage of bronze mirror, have been unearthed in Chu tomb in Hubei. Discovered in 1982, No. 1 Jiangling Mashan Chu tomb, there is a small bamboo Si stored in the first box's goods in the Dazhu, in which there are wrapped in silk clothing mirror flower tattoo phoenix feather to pan Chi pattern mirror. Round bamboo's work is exquisite, the top cover and the turning point is around, both inside and outside the mouth layer along with wide bamboo thin bamboo lock. The outer layer of bamboo red, black bamboo woven weft, rectangular and cross shaped tread, inner and plain, with red and black median into cross lines. Cover, bottom cover 5.4 cm high, 232 cm diameter. Jiangling Mashan No. 1 Chu burial is an age of about 40 to 45 year old women, the Seiko into the round bamboo community, that she used to store the "mirror mirror box". Small bamboo Si unearthed along with the mirror box, also filled with comb.
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